1 Introduction

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Botzilla is a team project aiming to compete for the coupe de France de robotique/eurobot 2002, an French/European robotic competition. This involve embedded software development, electronic and mechanical engineering. Most of all, the goal is to learn, experiment and have fun using the non-trivial specifications of the eurobot. This is a competition between engineer's school and universities. These competitions are organized by Planete Sciences, formely known as ANSTJ (Association Nationale Sciences et Techniques Jeunesse = Youth Science and Technical non-profit Organization)


We are three former students (read: professionals in our fields since a few years now), but we hope to be able to compete as outsiders!

For information about the Coupe de France de robotique/Eurobot, see:

Technical fields involved include: cross-development (GNU tools, gcc), real-time executive (rtems), i2c, microcontrolers (Microchip PIC, Motorola 68332), analog and numerical electronics, PWM... applied for BSP, host and target device drivers, unit and regression test, remote debugging, simulation. Methodologies, mechanical, electrical and software engineering come into play too.

This may vary : competencies at hand include embedded and device driver development, IA, imaging analysis, radio-frequency transmissions, power-switching... and the eurobot rules changes every year.

botzilla@free.fr , http://botzilla.free.fr/