3 How to use this site

This site is quite unstable, at least to this date:

$Date: 2003/01/12 17:17:25 $

It's a whole work on progress, and its parts may move in a parallel way. So you should not bookmark anything (you've been warned) except the main location http://botzilla.free.fr/

Nevertheless, this site contain technical material. As users ourselves of such documentation, we chose to use a publishing system that will hopefully make it easy to maintain booth a brows-able and a printable document. For the gory details, we use LaTeX and its converters with a Makefile, all under CVS control (in fact two CVS servers on two remote sites).

This means that:

These postscript, pdf and html versions are compressed with tar/gunzip. UNIX/Linux users will know what to do with the tgz compressed files.

For MS Windows users: Zip can manage tgz files. It'll just ask you first if you want to uncompress it in a temporary folder first.

For Apple users: with Mac OS X, you fall under the category ``UNIX users''. Use the terminal or Stuff-It Expander.

botzilla@free.fr , http://botzilla.free.fr/